Founded in 2012, FUTWIZ is a FIFA Ultimate Team Community website and is owned and run by Ruan and Dan. 

With a background in FIFA Ultimate Team since it's release in 2009 combined with involvement in the FIFA competitive scene since 2008, we feel that at FUTWIZ we have the perfect blend of experience, knowledge and passion, combined with a successful brand within the FIFA community. Prior to FUTWIZ our involvement still ran deep within the competitive FIFA scene - Ruan ran a FIFA leagues and tournament website and Dan was a competitive FIFA player who represented Team Infused at the top level of FIFA Esports in the UK during FIFA 09-11. The announcement and launch of FUT Champions in FIFA 17 presented the perfect time for FUTWIZ to get involved with FIFA Esports on both the team and community site, which resulted in Team FUTWIZ forming in January 2017.