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25th March 2018


We’re delighted to share the news that Connor “Richy” Rich will be rejoining Team FUTWIZ for the FUT Champions Cup in Manchester after putting a fantastic performance in during the February qualification month. After leaving Team FUTWIZ and competitive FIFA due to health issues last year, Richy took a complete break from the competitive FIFA scene. He returned to the FUT Champions Weekend league for February, where he found himself back at the top of the leaderboards after his lengthy absence, getting 40 wins in the first weekend of February and continuing his great run of performances throughout the month to ensure qualification for the FUT Champions Cup in Manchester.

Richy will be also be present at our pre-event practice week at the FUTWIZ HQ, where we will be hosting our team in order to give them the best possible preparation going into the event itself.

The following players have qualified for the FUT Champions Cup in Manchester and will be representing Team FUTWIZ :

Image result for germany flag emoji Fabian “Dubzje” De Cae

Image result for new zealand flag emoji Harry “Honey Badger” Blackmore

 Steven “Pricey Price

 Connor “Richy” Rich

 Nathan “Zelonius” Horton




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