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29th November 2017 


We’re delighted to announce that Nathan “Zelonius” Horton has signed for Team FUTWIZ. The Brit has had an incredible start to FIFA 18 so far with two top 50 finishes on the Xbox global leaderboards for October and November, the latter of which secured qualification for January’s FUT Champions Cup live event. In addition to being a professional FIFA player Zelonius is also a Twitch streamer, streaming FIFA content daily featuring the FUT Champions Weekend League, practice games against other professional FIFA players and games against subscribers and donators.

Nathan “Zelonius” Horton –

“It’s been a dream for a long time to become a Professional FIFA player and after talking to Dan I knew I 100% wanted to be a part of FUTWIZ. I’m excited to represent FUTWIZ in January and hopefully many more events to come! 

FUTWIZ Dan (Team Manager) –

“We’re thrilled to announce Nathan’s signing – he’s someone that we’ve kept tabs on for a while after we initially spoke a couple of months ago. He’s incredibly passionate about both FIFA and esports in general and has had a fantastic start to FIFA 18, his accomplishments so far are even more impressive when combined with the fact that he’s playing on a “Road to Glory” account with no FIFA points spent! We think that with Nathan’s daily streams combined with our existing platform and reach it’s a brilliant signing for Team FUTWIZ, we’re looking forward to seeing Nathan represent us not only at offline live events this year, but online via his streams too!

You can watch Zelonius stream FIFA daily on his Twitch channel at www.twitch.tv/FUTWIZ_Zelonius


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